FORUM Help 2: Content Types, Liking and Rating

    In general, the CMC Community space is comprised of two main sections, Spaces and Special Interest Groups.  The CMC Community spaces are categorized to cover current products and services offered by CMC Microsystems.  These community spaces allow discussions, collaboration and support (both community and from CMC) on the use of regularly offered products and services from CMC.  These spaces are also ideal for suggestions and comments from the community on desired enhancements, features, etc. in these areas.  In general, these spaces are open to everyone.


    Special Interest Groups are established for collaboration and discussions on products and services currently in development (through CMC R&D) or short-term initiatives (such as training courses, etc.) at CMC.  They may be open or closed for users (depending on NDA requirements, license agreements, etc.).  However, even if closed, you can request to join these groups by clicking on the group name of interest and requesting to join.


    There are four main types of content in the CMC Community Space:

    • Discussions/Questions - These are posts by users as particular topics to discuss. Discussion posts can be threads on their own (starting a new discussion), responding to another discussion, or in response to other content (Documents, polls and blogs...see below).  Discussions can also include attachement files.  Note that new discussions can be established as questions, where the original poster (OP) is requesting a particular answer.  This is done by clicking the "question" box once the discussion post is made.  The original poster can then review the subsequent responses and highlight those that are "helpful" or "final answer", in order to help others to know which response to use (if they have a similar question). Helpful and final answers
    • Documents - These are documents created in the CMC Community space and NOT general documents (such as Microsoft Word files, PDFs, etc.), although the latter is allowed as attachments.  Documents created in the Community software are similar to "wiki" style documents, and can be used as general information pieces, collaborative works, etc.  In general, CMC staff are only able to generate documents (except in a few special spaces), but some might be open for community members to edit/modify.  Modifications may be instantaneous or require moderator approval before being made. 
    • Polls - General questions with one or more choices where the CMC Community members can cast a vote.  These polls will appear from time to time relating to their specific community spaces.  As with documents, only CMC staff can create polls, but the community


    Many of the content types available for users on the CMC Community Space can be "liked" and/or rated.  "Liking" a particular content piece requires clicking a "thumbs up" icon, and increases the like number of the content by +1.  Note that you cannot "like" a particular piece of content more than once from your account.  Content can be viewed based on "most liked" by the community.


    Rating is done by clicking the appropriate number of stars (starting from the left) on the row of stars located right below the piece of content.  This allows you to rate any particular content (if you wish).  Content will display the overall average number of star ratings (out of 5) from all those who have rated the content.


    For each type of content, you will notice a section on the top right which gives you the following options:

    • Follow - Allows you to keep up to date on this content by notifying you of any content further generated.  Please note that you must have e-mail notifications turned on in your profile in order to receive notification.
    • Share – Allows you to send this content to others in the CMC Community that you think might be interested.
    • Bookmark – Similar to “Follow” although you will not get an e-mail notification of any changes or additional content.  You can check your bookmarks either through the Browse drop down menu, the Bookmarks icon in the menu bar, or the Bookmarks heading in your profile.
    • Like – Let’s you acknowledge importance of document by “liking” it.  Content can be searched by both “liking” and “ratings” (see above for more details).