FORUM Help 4: User Profile

    If you click your username in the top right corner, you will be lead to your user profile.  Although your profile might list lot's of information, please note that the default setting for displaying this information is your username and status points.  Everything else is hidden (you can change this in the profile and privacy section).


    The breakdown of this section is given as follows:


    • Bio - This main tab gives you an overview of your registered account information with CMC.  Most of the information is retrieved based on your CMC registration.  For a more detailed overview of your content (both missing content and additional content to add) you can choose the "Edit Profile and Privacy" setting.

            In the bio section, there are 5 sub-sections:

      • Change photo and avatar - Allows you to change your user photo and avatar.  You are given a choice of pre-loaded avatars in the beginning, but you are welcome to upload your own.
      • Edit Profile and Privacy - This is where you can examine your full CMC registration information, and whether you are missing any information or not.  Some headings in the CMC Community profile is NOT linked to the CMC database, and hence can only be edited through the "Edit Profile and Privacy" area. 

                   You can also set the visibility of this information to others through the privacy settings.  If you wish people to be able to search for you through any of your                information, you can choose to set each piece of information as "public" to either your friends, or all registered members of the CMC Community.

      • Edit Preferences - Allows you to set various features of your account.  Of note are the following:
        • E-Mail settings - Set this to "On" for any content you might wish to get e-mail notifications about (for when you are following a given content item)
        • Discussion View Style - Allows you to view all comments either in a flat format (whereby they are all listed in a single hierarchy) or as a threaded format.  It is recommended to set this as "threaded".
        • Comment View Style - Similar to "Discussion View Style" above.
    • Activity
    • Content - Lets you quickly view content (Documents, Discussions, Polls) you have either authored, participated in or are actively following.
    • Friends - Let's you see your friends (friend connections are made through the CMC Community space)/
    • Places - Similar to Content, lets you see all the places (Spaces or groups) your actively following, are a group member of or are an owner of.
    • Bookmarks - Lets you view your bookmarks