CADpass Quickstart Guide for Linux

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    CADpass is middleware software that creates a secure connection between a client system and the CMC-managed licence management service (LMS).

    This guide provides instructions for installing and using CADpass V3.11.x on LINUX.


    Note: CADpass is available for Linux (32/64 bit) from kernel version 2.4 and from glibc-2.7

    CADpass is installed on CMC-managed Supported Technology Configuration (STC) CAD tool file servers. CADpass executing on LINUX is available in two (2) versions; a single user client (for use on LINUX workstations or on single user systems), and a multi-user client for systems with multiple simultaneous users (e.g. compute servers).

    If You ARE Using a CMC-managed STC CAD Tool File Server

    CADpass can be started by executing the following command:

      1. For single user systems:
        $ /CMC/apps/CADpass-v3/APPGclnt-single/bin/agclient

      2. For multi-user systems (For Redhat Enterprise Linux 6/7):
        • First start the multi-user daemon using root (should be added to system startup)
          # /CMC/apps/CADpass-v3/agmud/bin/

              If you want to start agmud automatically when system start, you can append line



              to file /etc/rc.d/rc.local file


        • Then individual users start the multi-user client:
          $ /CMC/apps/CADpass-v3/APPGclnt-multiuser/bin/agclient

    3. The IP Tunneling Driver (For Redhat Enterprise Linux 6/7):

    Some CAD tools will require the "IP Tunneling Driver", which is installed at /CMC/apps/CADpass-v3/agiptd-1.9/

    To make the IP Tunneling Driver start at system boot, please add this line to /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    /CMC/apps/CADpass-v3/agiptd-1.9/ag_iptd.init start

    Note: IP Tunneling Driver only works with single user client:

    $ /CMC/apps/CADpass-v3/APPGclnt-single/bin/agclient



    The first time that CADpass runs, you will need to specify the server address and port:

        • In the server text box, insert:



    If You Are NOT Using a CMC-managed STC CAD Tool File Server

    You can run CADpass from the CMC web portal

      1. Install Java and Java web start on your Linux system:
        # yum install java
        # yum install icedtea-web

      2. Launch CADpass from the CMC web portal:
        $ firefox


         or open Firefox and go to CMC CADpass URL  and launch the CADpass web start:

      CMC MICROSYSTEMS Products & Services search CMC News & Events Search q NDN Hub Get an Account Sign In You are here: Home > Products & Services > Design > Tools > CADpass About us Opening agclient.jnlp CA Dactivate CADpass About CMC Who We Are News & Events Careers CADpass Installing CADpass Follow the instructions in the CAD s Ick Start Launch CADpass (requires Java) Report an Issue If you are hav ng an Issue With CADpass please re working with CMC Get an Account CMC solutions CMC Competitions You have chosen to open: agclient.jnlp which is: JNLP file (2.1 KB) from: What should Firefox do with this file? • Open with IcedTea Web Start (default) O Save File CIDo this automatically for files like this from now on. Cancel Desi Make Test OK




    3) Accept the security warnings (one-time)::

    Security Warning The application's digital signature has an error. Do you want to run the application? It will be granted unrestricted access to your computer. Name: AppGate Client - appgate-S. cmc. ca Publisher: Cryptzone Group AB From: Cl Always trust content from this publisher The digital signature has been validated by a trusted source. The code executed will be given full permissions, ignoring any Java policies you may have. More Information...


    Security Warning The application has requested permission to create a desktop and/or menu launcher. Do you want to allow this action? Name: AppGate Client - appgate-S. cmc. ca Publisher: Cryptzone North America, Inc (unverified) From: Desktop icon shortcut (applications want to). Menu icon shortcut (applications dont want to, but you still can). Your current setting is: Ask if hinted. You can change it in itweb-settings in Desktop Integration panel. You can manage existing menu entries in itweb-settings in Manage installed menu shortcuts panel. Allow Cancel Advanced Options



    4) Accept the host keys (one-time):

    S AppGate Client Connection Help $ AppGate Client - New host This seems to be the first connection to " from this client. In order to protect future connections the client will now store the server identity If this is not the first connection to the new server then press "Cancel" and call support. OK Details Cancel



    5) Login


    S AppGate Client Connection Help S Open Connection to CMC CMC Authenication CMC username Password OK Cancel


    If CADpass shows the "Install AppGate Local Forwarder" dialog, select "Do not show this dialog again" and click "No".


    Select the CAD tool access to enable by double click or right click and "Start"



    Green check mark should show to indicate access to the tool license is enabled:

    You must keep CADpass running in the background with a green checkmark on your CAD tool icon to access a license while you use your selected CAD tool(s). When you have finished your work, please STOP using your license(s) and close CADpass, so that others will be able to use your license(s).



    In Linux system (RHEL 6 and compatible), if you are using STC, the license variable will be set by the script managed by your STC manager.

    For example, for Cadence license, the script is /CMC/tools/licenses/cadence.csh

    $ setenv CDS_LIC_FILE 6055@localhost:6055@lka-ic-01

    For ANSYS Fluids/Structural/Multiphysics, the script is similar to /CMC/tools/ansys.<release>.csh

    $ setenv ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE 6624@localhost:6624@lmserver-6

    $ setenv ANSYSLI_SERVERS 2325@localhost:2325@lmserver-6


    The CAD tool variables, servers and port numbers (valid as of June, 2018). If the Tunneling driver isn't installed you would use localhost.

    CAD toolLicense VariableLicense Server
    (with Tunneling driver installed)
    License Server Info
    Without Tunneling Driver (use localhost)
    Port Number
    ANSYS (Structural/Fluids)ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILElmserver-6localhost6624
    ANSYS (EDT)LM_LICENSE_FILElmserver-6localhost6624
    ANSYS (Teaching)lmserver-4localhost6602

    FEI/Fisher Scientific

    (Avizo, Amira)

    (Uses Licence Manager in Avizo;

    contact CMC Microsystems for help)

    Mentor GraphicsMGLS_LICENSE_FILElka-ic-01localhost6056


    Note: The CADpass client for single users was tested in Red Hat Enterprise LINUX 7.3 on June 22, 2018, and found to work as expected.