Quick Start Guide: Installing Mentor Graphics' PADS Printed Circuit Board CAD Suite for Windows

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    This quick start guide provides instructions for installing the latest PADS CAD suite, bundled with the HyperLynx design-rule checking tool, on a Windows 10, 64-bit system, using CMC Microsystems' CADpass to access shared licenses on our License Management System (LMS).



    Table of Contents



    Required Resources


    • Valid CMC Professor Research subscription
    • Administrator privileges for workstations on which you install the software


    System Requirements


    The following are the minimum recommended system requirements for a complete installation on a workstation running PADS:

    • Workstation with a dual-core Intel or AMD microprocessor or better
    • 8 GB or more of memory
    • Active network connection
    • Monitor with a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, 256 color, and
    • About 8 GB of disk space


    The PADS CAD suite release uses the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 and 2013 redistributable compilers. During installation of PADS, the host system is automatically checked to see if it meets these requirements. If the requirements are not met, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 and 2013 redistribution software is installed.


    PADS PCB CAD suite runs on the following systems:

    • Windows 10, Enterprise and Professional editions, 64-bit
    • Windows 8.1, Enterprise and Professional editions, 64-bit
    • Windows 7, Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate editions, 64-bit


    The following instructions are specific to a Windows 10 environment. It is assumed that no other instance of Mentor Graphics is installed on the host workstation. For help with other operating systems, or if you have other Mentor Graphics CAD tools and cannot add PADS to your environment, contact licensing@cmc.ca.


    Installing CADpass


    If you do not have CADpass installed on your computer, follow the instructions in the CADpass Quick Start Guide, which can be downloaded from: https://community.cmc.ca/docs/DOC-1528. For other questions regarding software requirements, contact licensing@cmc.ca.


    Installing PADS


    To install PADS, do the following:


    To download the archive, go to https://www.cmc.ca/WhatWeOffer/Design/Tools/DownloadMentor.aspx and select the correct archive package.


    Unzip the archive and expand its contents to a convenient temporary folder.


    Open this new temporary folder and select the installer application PADSVX.2.5_mib. A notification window called Hardware Key appears. Click Next to proceed. The Welcome to PADS Installation window now appears (see Figure 1). Click Next to set up your network licence access.




    Figure 1. The Welcome to PADS Installation window


    In the Choose Licensing Configuration window, select the Network/Floating Licensing option (Figure 2). Click Next to continue.



    Figure 2. The Choose Licensing Configuration window.


    To determine if you have the AppGate tunnelling driver installed as part of your CADpass program, go to Start Menu | Control Panel | Programs and Features and look for a registry entry called AppGate IP Tunneling Driver.

    • If the AppGate tunneling driver is not installed on your computer, use the address 6056@localhost, as shown in Figure 3.
    • If the AppGate tunneling driver is installed on your computer, use the address 6056@lka-ic-01, as shown in Figure 4.

    Click Next to continue.



    Figure 3. If no Tunnelling Driver is installed, choose localhost for server address.




    Figure 4. If a Tunnelling Driver is installed, choose lka-ic-01 for the licence server address.

    A Licensing Configuration Complete window appears, showing the chosen port and server address. Click Next to continue. In the window License Agreement click Agree to continue, as shown in Figure 5. Otherwise, abort the installation. To learn more about this agreement, contact licensing@cmc.ca for help.



    Figure 5. The License Agreement window of the PADS installation program.



    The Confirm Installation Choices Products window shows which modules have been selected, as shown in Figure 6. For the entire package, click Install to continue.



    Figure 6. Beginning the Installation of PADS and License Configuration



    In the Installing Products window appears while dependencies are checked/updated and the main programs are installed (Figure 7).




    Figure 7. Installation Progress is Displayed by the Program

    When this step is finished, the window PADS Installation Complete appears, as shown in Figure 8. Registration of your software with the Mentor Graphics company is not obligatory.


    Figure 8. The Mentor Graphics Installation is complete


    At this point you are ready to begin using the tool suite.


    Starting the PADS Program


    Start CADpass by launching the tool from the CMC website at http://www.cmc.ca/WhatWeOffer/Design/Tools/CADPass.aspx.


    Log in using your CMC Microsystems' subscription user name and password.


    Select the Mentor Graphics icon. When you have selected the icon, a green check mark is displayed on it, as shown in Figure 9. Leave this check mark on while you are using PADS.


    Figure 9. Mentor Graphics Successfully Started

    On your desktop, start each module by clicking each of the icons or go to Start | PADS VX2.x | <module or folder> where <module or folder> includes:


      • PADS Logic: A tool for creating part types, pin symbols, connectors, busses, netlists, bills of materials, and for creating or importing printed circuit board (PCB) stack-up and design rules

      • PADS Layout: A tool for creating printed circuit board outlines, keep-outs, part types, placing parts manually, and using manual/interactive routing and editing tools

      • PADS Designer: A single environment for circuit design and simulation, component selection, library management, and signal integrity planning

      • HyperLynx SI/Analog/<other>: A complementary toolset to perform signal and power integrity on PCB layouts, and to indicate thermal behavior across the board area

      • PADS Land Pattern Creator: A part library search tool and used for the creation of new part footprints using standard land patterns


    See the Mentor Graphics PADS website for detailed descriptions of all the suite’s features at http://www.pads.com/?pid=mentor.


    Troubleshooting the Installation


    Sometimes firewalls or anti-virus programs block CADpass from reaching CMC Microsystems’ server(s). Contact CMC Technical support for assistance.


    Additional Information and Resources


    The following is a selection of relevant references for Mentor Graphics’ PADS:


    • Guides and Help included with the program (Figure 10).


    Figure 10. Getting Started Help is built into some of the PADS main windows